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Every couple months, my KPSU radio show Six Degrees of Rockination has a theme. In November 2018, that theme was “God.” An entire hour of great songs with the word “God” in the title. What songs did I play?   Kiss – “God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll To You” This song’s been done by a […]

  The link above is the closing track of Freddie Gibb’s performance, several fans raising up their vinyl for a signature.         Photo taken at beginning of his set while performing the opening track to his new album, Freddie.         Lighting and smoke build the atmosphere for Freddie’s performance. […]

Holiday special featuring The Vandals, The Ramones, Descendents, Bad Religion, Gwar, Woody Guthrie, Misfits, Wavves, The Growlers, and Green Day

Lana Shea Debuts Her New Single “Poor Girl Sangria”, Shows Us How To Make Her Favorite Drink Poor Girl Sangria, What To Expect From Her Next, And Our Say On What’s The Appropriate Text To Send After The First Date. Also Taking Your Requests On Throwback Hip-Hop & Rnb.

Lana Shae is a local Portland artist who’s music is comforting, lively, inspirational, fun, and just has a overall cool vibe! Check out her Interview as we talk about her upbringing, how she got started in music, being from Portland, her music journey, and her new album “Duality”! She Also debuts her brand new single […]

The House of Sarcasm #28 – Portland Music.  In the photo: The Weird Fangs Here are some upcoming shows featuring local bands! Rotties / Sagitttaire / None at the Fixin’ To, Dec. 7 Mr Wrong / Era Bleak / Trash / Noxeema at Alleyway, Dec. 15 Bed. / The Domestics / Small Million at Polaris […]

New Sports Updates, Sippin’ The Tea Topics With Cardi B & OffSet Breakup, Ariana Grande Says BIG SEAN “Can Still Get It”, New Music From Meek Mill And Much More!


Nina Bielawski

December 2, 2018

OP North County San Diego local band special! Featuring 4th N Cedar, Steal Away, Shameface, Lefties, Bad Kids, Material Boys and The Shed!  


Nina Biel

November 16, 2018

The surf and garage rock tunes heard in your friend of a friend’s mom’s garage remembering the nostalgic sounds that make your reality vanish, and you heart feel mysteriously warm


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