Show Me the Body at Revolution Hall 3/9/23

Since the pandemic, Portland’s hardcore scene has gained what seems to be a resurgence. Our underbelly of angst and deep passion for the mosh was brought out in full force for Show Me the Body at Revolution Hall. In an absolutely stacked ticket for their World War tour including the likes of Zulu (a personal favorite), Trippjones, Scowl, and Jesus Piece, Show Me the Body showed why they are the leaders in continuing the intense and exhilarating push of hardcore music in the 2020’s.

Featuring their three piece lineup of Julian Cashawn Pratt (Banjo and vocals), Harlan Steed (Bass), and Noah Cohen Corbett (Drums), the band let loose on the crowd playing many new songs from their released third studio album Trouble the Water. The sheer brutality they achieve with such a small lineup is nothing short of impressive. With Synthetic heavy bass rhythms, pummeling linear drum grooves, and twangy heavy distorted banjo (that’s right, banjo) combined with a skeletal approach to composition, each song and moment felt earned. I’ve always appreciated these aspects of Show me the Body’s sound and in a live setting you can truly feel the very deliberate and cohesive approach to songwriting. No breakdown is unearned and no lyric is left to waste. Oh and that bass I mentioned early was only from Harlan Steed’s pedal board and drum machine, as Steed would switch from live bass playing to the drum machine.

When Steed brought out the Rickenbacker bass, a whole new sludgey and thrashing sound was brought to the audience that highlighted the band’s versatility. With their unique approach to achieving their soundscapes, Julian Cashawn Pratt led the charge with a raspy, scrappy, almost raplike lyrical tone. Pratt truly has a stage presence that is a sight to behold, especially on songs like Metallic Taste (fan favorite) in which I saw one of the best crowd jumps I have ever seen. The entire floor was shaking and every lyric screamed from the top of our lungs. Show me The Body brought some much needed to Portland tonight and I can’t recommend catching one of their shows whether you’re new to hardcore or a long time fan. The big highlights they played were, Metallic Taste, Camp Orchestra, and We Came to Play. You can check out their music on all platforms, it is well worth your time.