Some house, funk, and disco for today. I was going for a Studio 54 vibe but I gotta tweak the playlist a little more.

Some disco and funk to lighten up the mood after a rough winter. Now featuring: Donna Summer!

Covering the hour for Vicky’s ‘Guitar Shop’. Another round of 90s and 00s hits because why not?

Some 90s – 2000s hits for the hour for the sake of nostalgia. A lot of self titled albums from this era of RnB songstresses!

Streaming worldwide 24/7 with guest stars Brian and Danica as we talk about love and respect, life advice, crushes on friends, and sleep deprivation.

Coming to you live from the dungeon that is KPSU with guest stars Brian and Danica as we talk about red flags and give very unqualified advice.

Macabre summed this upcoming drain clogger of a show best with the lyric; “Whats that smell? Something died? The landlord thought that it was coming from outside.” Mortuous, Fetid, and Witchvomit invade your nasal cavities like the stench of your rotting brain… from the inside out. Sticking your grubby fingers in your nose won’t help. […]

I Love Wednesday!!!! There’s so much to say about the Asheville based band Wednesday. Personally I haven’t shut up about them since I discovered their album Twin Plagues earlier this year. I’ll start here though, Wednesday is on their first US tour opening up for the band Beach Bunny. Last Saturday I had the pleasure […]


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