Review of Soul 2020, more playlist on the way as well as the next review on The Dark Knight.

This week on Zach’s Tracks we got another variety playlist, featuring the Mandalorian, Attack on Titan, and Destiny 2!

This week’s theme covered a significant amount of territory in the U.S., from Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri and Kentucky. While researching I came across a website Collectorscum.com and found an article called Punk Rock in the American Southwest by Henry Weld. In the article Weld writes about a band called Knockabouts. I searched them […]

This show was rocky, only parts of it played. A fellow DJ helped me ensure that the last half was broadcasting. The theme was to play punk from Southern California- Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego etc. This show broadcasted Monday, January 16th at 9 pm.

chill show today with a surprise lily appearance 😮 https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/2OnlBl87yJXt9TQDu8Vrd9?utm_source=generator

This weeks Jam is lingonberry, for 2 reasons. lingonberry jam looks kinda lumpy and black and you don’t know what it really should taste like when you thing of it. There are some songs this week that give a weird lumpy black feeling, and it’s hard to place how they make you feel. ┬áspelling Lingonberry […]

This week, I’m covering for another show, so here’s an extended version of this jam. These songs should taste like the homemade jams forgotten in the back of grandmas pantry.

January 18, 2023

chill show today ­čśŤ start off by talking about the new boygenius music with lily and anya, and then a mix of folk/funk https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/3CLlaNbQYOWXGeAA0zPHTO?utm_source=generator“>http://https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/3CLlaNbQYOWXGeAA0zPHTO?utm_source=generator

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