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Download / stream https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B8HIBBzTupQH1vlYpPCxZG5urM2NfBpQ/view?usp=sharing Tracklist (rough from rekordbox sorry) 1 OpenerXilent 139.48 00:31 Dbm 2018-12-14 2 Progression Flite UKF Drum & Bass 2017 174.00 06:01 D 2018-12-21 3 Wrong Kings Of The City No Snake 175.00 04:17 D 2018-12-21 4 Drowning Without You Fred V & Grafix Cinematic Party Music Drum and bass/liquid funk 174.00 […]

In this episode we attack the Iowa Caucus process with Jack Miller, teacher of political science at Portland State. We also discuss urgent news about fireworks in Colorado and the latest Florida Man shenanigans.

February 13, 2020

In this interview with Professor David Johnson we discuss general trends of lynching in the Pacific West. Professor Johnson discusses two projects he is currently working on. The first is a digital project which maps lynchings in the Pacific West. The second is a book discussing the legendary lynching of a hispanic woman in California […]

We talk about the Grammys and Onision

Rainy Wednesday sphincter soundscapes