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Number 12! It’s been pretty warm lately, which is nice. I had a pretty okay week. Hope it was good for you too. Here is some music. Alright. Keep listening to the frogs. If you’re not listening to them, they’re listening to you. Maybe that’s alright though. Ideally, we should all just listen to each […]

Songs for considering multicultural evolution and musical identities

We discuss the outrage towards Justin Bieber’s Yummy, TikTok trends, and assorted twitter anger and determine whether or not we think it’s worth the hate. (talking doesn’t start until the 8 minute mark)

First Poopin Music show since winter break so strap on in and prepare your sphincter

Six Degrees of Rockination is a radio show covering the entire spectrum of rock ‘n’ roll. The show’s been broadcasting live from Portland, Oregon, USA since February 2015. Enjoy the show each week? Think it makes your life a tiny bit better? Then consider throwing a quarter into my hat over at Patreon. For just […]

Tonight we hear songs from some of the best movie soundtracks that I’ve ever heard.

Last night the wonderful Fox and Bones joined us for an excellent in-studio performance. They also discussed the upcoming Portland’s Folk Festival at the Crystal Ballroom, which they book and play at this weekend (Friday January 10th & Saturday January 11th, 6-12pm). The live performance can be heard through the download link below. Tickets for […]