Wednesday Show – 4/27 at Roseland Theater

I Love Wednesday!!!!

There’s so much to say about the Asheville based band Wednesday. Personally I haven’t shut up about them since I discovered their album Twin Plagues earlier this year. I’ll start here though, Wednesday is on their first US tour opening up for the band Beach Bunny. Last Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing them at the Roseland theater. Seeing Wednesday live was as magical as it was grounding. After listening to their albums on repeat for the majority of this year, it was incredible to get to see a band I hold so dear in the flesh on their first US tour! One of my favorite details from the Wednesday set was the way their band was staged. It wasn’t your typical setup, with guitarists and bassists pushed to the sides and the drummer in the back. Every part of their band was highlighted, all six of them lined up in a row at the front of the stage. This emphasized how Wednesday pays attention to the details on their tracks, from steel guitar to the drum parts. Every member has their own special place on stage and in the band. Karly Hartzman, the bands front woman shined on stage! Her stage presence was warm and refreshing, and on challenging songs like Cody’s Only she sang her heart out. Their guitars whined and shimmered, casting a haunting shadow over their audience, reminiscent of their lyric, “I’m creeping myself out again”. Wednesday were also arguably up against a bit of a tough crowd, given a typical Beach Bunny fan isn’t always going to love noise- rock and covers of classic country songs. Wednesday remained unwavering though, each song intertwined with the next. Towards the end of their set, it seemed that even if Beach Bunny fans weren’t going to go buy their very own steel lap guitars, they had at least won over the hearts of some of the dads in the audience, as well as my own. Wednesday’s combination of shoe gaze and heartfelt lyrics reminiscent of folk songs warms my little heart. They have one of the freshest sounds I’ve heard on the indie scene in a long time time, so catch them while you can! Look out for Wednesday coming to a city near you!

You can stream Wednesday’s albums on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music. They are @wednesday_gurl on Instagram.

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