Heart Attack Man Live At Roseland Theater

Heart Attack Man is up second in the four band lineup traveling through Portland Oregon on Microwave’s headlining tour. Carpool Tunnel got the crowd started, playing a mix of upbeat and slower songs, and then Heart Attack Man took the stage. 

Starting with “Like A Kennedy” from their newest album “Freak Of Nature,” lead singer Eric Egan got the crowd moving right away with a mosh pit in the middle of the floor. Up next they played a few older fan favorites, including “Fake Blood,” “Sugar Coated,” and “Out For Blood.” Heart Attack Man’s sarcastic lyrics and musical commentary are a big reason fans are so drawn in, being able to enjoy dissecting songs and their underlying meanings. They circled back to their new album playing “C4” before going back to 2021 with “Pitch Black.” “Leap Year”  had fans belting out the lyrics “At 19 didn’t think I’d make it to 23,” a classic that many in their early 20’s can relate to. 

Closing out their set with the self-titled track off of their latest album, “Freak Of Nature,” Eric encouraged fans to give it their all before exiting the stage. The band did a wonderful job getting the crowd involved, asking them to jump during certain songs, and sing along to others. From start to finish, the crowd had a mosh pit open during every song. Whether or not you knew of Heart Attack Man before the show, it was a guarantee you could still enjoy yourself during their set. 

Heart Attack Man is Eric Egan, lead vocalist, Ty Sickels on guitar, and Adam Paduch on drums.