Our Mission

KPSU is dedicated to amplifying the voice and experience of students at Portland State University through radio broadcasting of free-format programming. We strive to engage the greater Portland area, present the arts and culture of Portland as a resource for PSU students and make the voice of PSU a resource to the greater Portland community.

About Us

KPSU has committed to creating quality, free-format content and providing a platform for all ideas and preferences. KPSU is a student run station that seeks to equip its staff and DJ’s with the skills and experience required to succeed in professional radio, media industries, and overlapping careers.

KPSU champions individuality and creativity. KPSU doesn’t impose any restrictions on the format of shows and doesn’t require DJ’s to play any certain songs during their airtime. This means that the eclectic mix featured on KPSU is a direct representation of the DJ on-air and not of an overarching shadow figure that influences programming behind the scenes.

Our DJ’s are the heart and soul of our station. KPSU’s DJ base is comprised of about 65 volunteers, the majority of whom are students. Many of our DJ’s seek to provide a platform for up and coming artists and counter culture that is traditionally ostracized or overlooked by mainstream media. The station operates 100% online. Listen to the live webstreams or download any program aired in the last six months.


KPSU was founded as a student body movement headed by Don Nasca, Sharon Brabanac, John Beil, Carl Bergwall, Aaron Cross, Kirill Galetski, and Brian Korver. They established a non-funded Student Organization named “The Friends of KPSU” in 1992, eventually securing $9000 in funding from Portland State University. Don Nasca was hired as the station’s first student advisor. Organizing student and faculty support; including a demonstration of hundreds of students at a University funding meeting, KPSU solidified continuing funding. The budding station eventually paired with KBPS; agreeing to share evening and weekend airtime with the Portland, OR station, owned by Portland Public Schools.


Elle Kilgore

Station Manager

Hi everyone! I'm Elle (aka "DJ easykelly"), the manager here at KPSU. When I was a preteen, I'd tune into KRSK (105.1fm The Buzz) late into the night, listening to a confident woman air relationship advice, interviews and play many of the best hits from the early 2000's onward. I dreamed about the day I could be a late night show host, and in February of 2022, my wish came true! And now I'm the manager! My love of music and fostering local talent energize my quest to give voice to Portland State University students and our beloved community members. If you'd like to chat, come in for my office hours or shoot me an email! [email protected]

Evan Cox

Programming Director

Born and raised in Southeast Portland, Evan is currently finishing his final year at Portland State working on a certificate in Indigenous Nations Studies. He has been broadcasting on college radio waves since 2019. [email protected]

Hannah Roy

Volunteer Director

Hi, I'm Hannah! I'm an undergrad in environmental science and my show is called Earthworm Radio. I <3 college radio!
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Promotions Director

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Technical Director

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Production Director

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Multimedia Director

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Music Director

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