DRAMA @ The Roseland Theater [4/13/23]

DRAMA played an electrifying show at the Roseland Theater on the 13th. The band is currently touring, and their next stop is a spot at this year’s Coachella festival.

The night opened with a set from DJ Tasty T, who got the crowd hyped with classic 2000s dance music. Fans filled the room as the set went on, and once it was time for DRAMA, the room was buzzing with excitement.

It was a nonstop night of dancing, lights, bass, and bubble guns from the moment they came out on stage. Each song rolled into the other, which left no gaps in the energy from the thrilled crowd or from the performers.

There were several groups at the venue celebrating birthdays, but as the lead singer Via Rosa says, at a DRAMA show, it’s everyone’s birthday. And she didn’t lie, the night really did feel like the best birthday party ever. It was a time just to let go of all your worries and do nothing but dance. 

At the halfway point of the night, Via Rosa took a pause to introduce the second section of the set, something that she likes to call the “Release.” The audience is encouraged to leave behind all the negativity, stress, and bad vibes they have been feeling and just feel the music. Everyone was in on the fun of getting energy out through dancing freely and singing with strangers.

The best way I could think to describe the music would be somewhere between an upbeat Arlo Parks vibe, and a lowkey Flume set. The bass was booming through the speakers, and the venue was packed with dancing bodies. I was lucky to get a front-row spot to be as close to the band as possible. Their stage presence was incredible, with Via Rosa dancing around the stage with the carefreeness of one of those inflatable wavy tube guys.

The backup singers/dancers brought a classic presence to the group, dancing in synchronization with mesmerizing hand movements and even more mesmerizing voices.

The other half of the duo, producer Na’el Shehade, was playing live on the synthesizer. His presence balanced out the whole act and made sure the foundation was stable for Via Rosa to dance on.

This concert was an unforgettable night that I did not want to end, but it had to somehow, and we went out with a bang when the band brought out bubble guns, and filled the air with sparkling bubbles. The DRAMA duo creates an atmosphere that accepts you exactly as you are and gets you on your feet no matter what. I hope everyone who loves to dance gets to experience this group live at some point soon. I highly recommend you check out their newest single, “Tighten It Up,” below and have your own dance party.