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Discussion of the Texas and Florida grade school curriculums that deny climate change and promote fossil fuels, the link between wildfire smoke and dementia, squirrel-safe bridges in Washington state, an interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting reporter Monica Samayoa, invasive species that are devouring local salmon, the eco-benefits of sealing your doors and windows, tips for […]

Discussion of Japan’s plan to release radioactive water into the ocean, Western states’ reluctance to dig up dangerous lead pipes, the sad death of killer whale Lolita in Miami, an Oregon polluter’s request to pollute more, an interview with Portland State University professor Anne Thompson regarding the marine heatwave off the Oregon coast, the environmental […]

Discussion of Montana’s epic climate change legal ruling, an update on the Maui wildfires, new wolves in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Portland’s record-setting heat wave, an interview with Jane Bacchieri of the Elakha Alliance on the case for reintroducing sea otters in Oregon, the environmental impact of back-to-school lunches, ways to reduce your carbon footprint, […]

Discussion of the environmental impact of Barbie dolls and plastic toys, the “true” arrival of climate change, Portland’s progress on its 3-year Climate Emergency Workplan, an interview with Portland Monarchs founder Ida Galash on the beautiful and fragile world of Monarch butterflies, the climate “myth” of Portland baseball, the eco-impact of home swimming pools, ways […]

Discussion of the environmental impact of e-bikes, global temperatures maxing out in the Middle East, Butte Falls’ innovative forest-purchase plan to protect the town from Oregon wildfires, an interview with R. Brent Lyles, executive director of the Mountain Lion Foundation on why mountain lions are are popping up in populated areas, the eco-impact of cigarette […]

News items looking at the environmental impact of pre-packaged meal kits, review massive floods in New England, why grizzly bears are roaming so far and wide, an interview with Dr. Erica Fleishman, Director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute regarding  of the alarming certainty of Oregon’s wildfire season, the eco-impact of automatic car washes, […]

Discussion of  the environmental impact of funerals and cremation, why Canada’s wildfires continue to burn unchecked, an illegal lake in Brazil, an interview on record-setting global temperatures with Dr. Paul Loikith, one of the Principal Investigators for the Center for Climate and Aerosol Research at Portland State University, Oregon’s annual Hidden Bottle Hunt, how fireworks […]

Discussion of  the environmental impact of pas-powered lawnmowers, hazy skies and unhealthy air caused by the Canadian wildfires, an interview with Dr. Dewey Caron of Portland Urban Beekeepers regarding honeybee die-offs, the Oregon legislature’s last-minute deals for the environment, eco-friendly grilling tips, ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and music from Canada, Germany, South Africa, […]

Discussion of  the environmental impact of cruise ships, a California lawsuit that alleges airlines are “greenwashing,” Portland’s inner-city salmon run,  an interview with Movements That Matter CEO Dr. Dune Ives, eco-friendly gardening tips, ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and music from Spain, The Netherlands,Ethiopia, Vietnam, West Germany, Brazil and Great Britain. Tune in at […]

Discussion of Canada’s wildfires that are wreacking havoc across much of the United States, the impending loss of Arctic sea ice, a sewage spill into Portland’s Willamette River, mountain lion sightings on Mount Hood, the environmental impact of plastic butane lighters, an interview with Bold Box creators and sustainable lifestyle experts Olivia Dahan and Kira […]

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