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There’s a lot happening in the world right now, but I hope you are all safe and well. This week is rock/metal/DnB week! Or at least thats what it turned into when I whipped up the playlist last minute. I’ve been getting more into rock and metal lately, good stuff. Listen below! Songs:Our Last Night […]

Indie rock foreverrrrrrrrrr. and punk. Thanks for listening. Catch the show recording below.

There is so much Cool Weird music out there! Thanks for tuning in. Follow the link if you missed the live show…… : )

FFO: San Cisco, Ball Park Music, Two Door Cinema Club The Jungle Giants are a 4-piece indie rock/pop band from Brisbane, Australia. The band was formed in 2011 and they have released 3 LPs since: Learn to Exist (2013), Speakerzoid (2015) and Quiet Ferocity (2017). Their upbeat music has drawn the attention of a global audience, resulting in electric sets at […]

I’m on air Wednesday nite 6-7 pm, every week. Made a playlist based around punk’n & indie bands I’ve been listening to for a while, and some new discoveries. Highlighted Dirt Dress, DRAHLA, and Young Marble Giants. Thanks for listening! Links (as promised) below.

Goodbye 2019. As another year comes to a close, my yearly opportunity to play tastemaker arrives again. There’s a fantastic array of music here, 2019 was a very different year than years prior and we’ve had a wealth of great music to appreciate. I took the liberty of searching high and low for the most […]

Co-hosted with DJ of Tragic Tones! Talked about this season of change – whatever that means. We tried to keep it light – we really failed. Seriously, thanks for listening. See ya in January.

This is “Let me introduce” – the show where I present you a different artist every week. Today’s show is about Broken Bells: Formed in 2009, Broken Bells is an indie rock band from Los Angeles, USA. The band has released two full length albums, with their latest album After the Disco from 2014.

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