The Home Team 4/29 – Show Review

The Home team, a Seattle based “heavy pop”  band, played a sold out headlining show at Mission Theater on April 29th. This was the last stop on tour, and they brought along Broadside and Honey Revenge. Broadside, from Richmond VA, had made their last stop in Portland in 2017. This was Honey Revenge’s first ever full tour, after mainly playing shows in California. 

GrayWeather, a PNW based band, opened the show at Mission Theater. While they didn’t seem to have any current fans in the crowd, they still put on an exciting performance and got the crowd pumped up for the rest of the night. 

Honey Revenge was up next, and they rocked the show. You would never have guessed this was their first ever full tour. Honey Revenge consists of Donovan (Donny) Lloyd on guitar, and Devin Papadol on vocals, bringing along “ Witchy Bassist “ (Tay) on bass, and Matt Arsenault on drums to support them on tour. They brought their all on stage with them that night, and got teary eyed over it being the last show of the tour. Their high energy songs and catchy lyrics brought fun to the crowd, paired with the band’s fun energy and dance moves. 

Honey Revenge:

Devin Papadol (Lead Vocals)

Donovan Lloyd (guitar)

  1. Airhead
  2. Miss Me
  3. Rerun 
  4. Ride
  5. Worst Apology
  6. Are You Impressed?
  7. Distracted 


Broadside was excited to be back in Portland, having it been around 6 years since their last visit. They opened with their two most known songs, Heavenly and Coffee Talk, which got their fans singing loud. Their playful banter and big smiles showed how excited they were to play this show. Their enthusiasm on stage was wonderful to watch, with their Lead singer Oliver and everyone else jumping and kicking around. 


Oliver Baxxter (vocals)

Domenic Reid (guitar)

Patrick Diaz (bass)

Jeff Nichols (drums) 

  1. Heavenly 
  2. Coffee Talk
  3. Nights Alone
  4. Dancing On The Ceiling 
  5. One Last Time
  6. Storyteller
  7. Cruel 
  8. King Of Nothing
  9. I Love You, I Love You, It’s Disgusting
  10. Laps Around A Picture Frame
  11. The Raging Sea
  12. Foolish Believer 


The Home Team finished off the night with a much anticipated performance. Their liveliness is unmatched on stage. From Brian’s wonderful vocals, to Ryne and Johns matched kicks and spins. They got the crowd riled up with their upbeat, heavy music, and had fans jumping off their feet almost every song. This being the last show on tour created a wonderful atmosphere, with all of the other bands joining The Home Team onstage during their last guitar solo on “Danger.” Everyone had the biggest smiles on their faces and looked so proud of what they had accomplished. 

The Home Team:

Brian Butcher (vocals)

John Baran (guitar)

Ryne Olson (bass)

Daniel Matson (drums) 

  1. Watching All Your Friends Get Rich
  2. Slow Bloom
  3. Eat You Up
  4. Move It Or Lose It
  5. Fashion Forward
  6. Who Do You Know Here
  7. Another Night Alone With You
  8. Sails 
  9. She’s Quiet (Acoustic)
  10. Scary Movies
  11. Grievance Pay
  12. Right Through Me
  13.  FOMO (Bored Of You)
  14. On
  15. Danger


The lineup of this tour was one of my favorites I have seen. All 3 main bands had phenomenal front vocalists who were so comfortable and confident on stage. Their high energy dance moves and energetic crowd interactions had everyone cheering them on. It was wonderful to see amazing bands not only rock the stage, but show immense support for their other tour mates.