Thats hot… review of Anti-pop Consortium’s “Arrythmia”

That’s hot… review of anti-pop consortium’s Arrythmia

The album cover grabbed my attention because they all look so cool, and it looks so early 2000’s. Arrhythmia came out in 2002. I  think it’s funny that I keep reviewing albums from 2002 because that’s my birth year. I have never really heard anything like this group’s sound. One member’s voice reminds me of MF DOOM, and he lays down some heavy lyricism like on “We Kill Soap Scum”. Something about the way the lyrics are laid out and sound reminds me of Pharrell. The production sounds like N.E.R.D. but more low budget. I am so obsessed with “Ping Pong” because it starts off with the sound of an actual ping pong ball. I like how experimental they get with the beats and sound effects, yet in some songs it makes it hard to listen to. “Dead in Motion” and “Contraption” both would scare me a lot if I was really high, and could also bring on a migraine. At the same time, I’m really glad they were playing around with the sound and making weird shit. This is one of the most unique albums I have ever listened to, it feels like they didn’t have many outside influences. I also like how I can’t think of what genre to call this. Some tracks feel like experimental rap, whereas others feel like borderline EDM, or even house. I think everyone should give this album a listen because it might inspire you to make music. Personally, this album gives me a lot of ideas on cool sound effects I could create myself. I would say there are definitely some skips in this album, but there are sounds I have never heard before so for the creativity and originality I have to give it a 6.5/10.