Album review

Amyl and the Sniffers are an Australia based rock/punk rock band. I’ll be reviewing their debut self-titled album. The album starts off really fun with the first track titled “Starfire 500”. This song has a killer guitar riff and bass line with no vocals until about half way through the song, which serves as a […]

Best known for their song Blue Coupe, Twin Peaks (Dudes) are a Chicago based rock/indie band that formed in 2010. Their second major album named “Wild Onion” was released in 2014 and the Twin Peaks dudes began to heighten their popularity. Their music has such a unique, creative and edgy sound. The album starts off […]

The Suicideboys duo Scrim and Ruby have amassed an extremely large following since the two joined forces back in 2014. This album, the second most recent, isn’t their most popular by far but contains the basis of what makes a SuicideBoys album a SuicideBoys album.  Much like the other albums the music it contains is […]

Being a shorter album released in 2019, there was a little less to go on but it still gave me a good idea of what The Cabin Fever was about. The music is on the calmer side and falls into the more alternative rock side of things. The album starts off fairly slow letting the […]

Released in 2004, Zulu provided a sound I hadn’t experienced before. The combination of thrashing / hardcore music and the quick rants throughout the songs create a hostile yet humerous environment.  This sound is definitely early 2000’s and all members of the group are veterans to this crowd of music. As interesting as the music […]

That’s hot… review of anti-pop consortium’s Arrythmia The album cover grabbed my attention because they all look so cool, and it looks so early 2000’s. Arrhythmia came out in 2002. I  think it’s funny that I keep reviewing albums from 2002 because that’s my birth year. I have never really heard anything like this group’s […]

This band seems like it would be fantastic to see live, but I just can’t see myself listening to this album on my own anytime. The sticker on the CD says that they take influence from some old British 70’s punk bands and 80’s LA-Based bands, but to me this sounds a little watered down. […]

With an intriguing cover art and creative song titles, this album immediately peaked my interest. I thought it looked… synthy… The aesthetic of the cover promised synths, and it delivered on that promise. The vibe it gave me on some songs, namely Man In The Moon, was spacey and ethereal with implied aliens. It gave […]

When I saw this CD with blocky letters and a pretty girl on the front called Soccer Mommy, I immediately knew I had to take it and listen to it. I’m so glad I did, Sophie Allison has a beautiful warm singing voice that gives off vibes similar to a sweet summer breeze or a […]

That’s hot… review of Enon’s High Society I first grabbed this CD because of the trippy cover art, it reminds me of collages I make. Then, I saw that this album came out in 2002. I am obsessed with 2002 because the number itself is cool and I was born that year. After listening to […]

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