That’s hot… album review of Enon’s High Society

That’s hot… review of Enon’s High Society

I first grabbed this CD because of the trippy cover art, it reminds me of collages I make. Then, I saw that this album came out in 2002. I am obsessed with 2002 because the number itself is cool and I was born that year. After listening to the album I feel like it perfectly encapsulates the year 2002 for music. It’s such an interesting genre that was so popular in the early 2000’s but is hardly around anymore. It’s not rock, not indie, not punk, something in between. The male lead singer’s voice reminds me a lot of the band CAKE. He has a similar energy to his sound, like he isn’t trying but it still sounds cool. In some songs I am reminded of Sublime as well. The girl lead singer sounds so hot, and has a sound I see a lot of girls on soundcloud doing lately, like Lix and pinkpantheress. It’s like talking sexy, not quite singing, over house/electronic beats. In some ways, it feels ahead of its time, especially with the female singer. However, this album feels like a lot of singles put together, it’s not very cohesive, I think they were experimenting with how to sound. The beats are cool in some songs but in others they try a bit too hard to add in weird noises. It’s giving songs that would scare me off too many dabs. There are some bangers in here, but it feels like maybe too many people were working on this and there are clashes in what the sound should be. My personal favorite songs off this album are; In This City, Leave it to Rust, Disposable Parts, and natural disasters.