that’s hot. review of Wrangler Brutes – Zulu

Released in 2004, Zulu provided a sound I hadn’t experienced before. The combination of thrashing / hardcore music and the quick rants throughout the songs create a hostile yet humerous environment.  This sound is definitely early 2000’s and all members of the group are veterans to this crowd of music. As interesting as the music is, I can’t say it’s something that I could continue to listen to for extended periods of time.  It’s fun at first and will get your riled up, however, it gets excessive and droney after a while, specifically half way through with Mgmt sheen. It reminds me of pure chaos, but that is the point they are trying to reach with the songs so I think they hit it perfectly.  This era of music was meant to disrupt and upset the people who didn’t want it and it pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable to listen to so in this way it is part of a huge wave of music that was influential to an entire generation of fans. Even though this music was made in a somewhat satirical way it is part of a massive genre that took over in the early 2000’s and helped to create new music and join multiple genres together. If you like to listen to the past and don’t mind the combination of hard rock, fast paced beats and unnecessary rants this is for you, but if you prefer more organized and musical music then you should avoid this.

Songs: Homosexual President