that’s hot. review done by my boyfriend of $uicideboy$ – Stop Staring at the Shadows

The Suicideboys duo Scrim and Ruby have amassed an extremely large following since the two joined forces back in 2014. This album, the second most recent, isn’t their most popular by far but contains the basis of what makes a SuicideBoys album a SuicideBoys album.  Much like the other albums the music it contains is dark and unsettling and represents the unhappy past life that they shared and their rise to stardom. The album has a mix of pretty much all the different types of music that the two produce. It contains a combo of all their slower, more low key pop songs like; I want to be romanticized, which personally I am not a fan except for the main hit of the album; And to Those I Love, Thanks for Sticking Around.  They aren’t bad songs, it’s just a different pace that I don’t like to listen to, however it shows their diversity and style and ability to change how they play. On the other end of the album we are given songs like; All dogs go to Heaven, where the speed is kicked up and the crazier side of the $uicideboy$ is released.  The more hype and wild songs are the best in my opinion but they offer a variety of music and genres so you really can’t go wrong either way.  However, there will be a warning to anyone who is interested in listening because they do swear, mention drug use and violence quite often.