that’s hot. review of The Cabin Fever – Alone Together EP

Being a shorter album released in 2019, there was a little less to go on but it still gave me a good idea of what The Cabin Fever was about. The music is on the calmer side and falls into the more alternative rock side of things. The album starts off fairly slow letting the songs sink in until you get to Chemical Reaction, my personal favorite,  where it picks up a little, however it is still slow and low key and ith Nitelite it soon returns to slower again.  The music takes a sadder tone and approach exploring depression and feelings of loneliness throughout life. However, the underlying themes and ideas of the songs can be easily overlooked because of the happier seeming beat. The finishing song (Nitelite Crime wave remix) wraps up the EP in an interesting way. It sounds very dreem like and then picks up pace with more happy and hopeful sounding beats.In terms of remixes it is still true to the rest of the EP and is slower so if you like the pace the music is at you will be pleased at the continuity. I thought it was interesting to see this sort of thing on an album. I really appreciated this music because it is a different feel for the alternative sound. The peaceful sound and the soft vocals let you just relax.  

Songs: Chemical Reaction, Nitelite