Collie Buddz at the Wonder Ballroom 3-9-24

Collie Buddz

Wonder Ballroom 

Portland, Oregon 3-9-24

When I heard that Collie Buddz was returning to Portland’s Wonder Ballroom, I knew for sure I wanted to be at that party. I had seen him at the same venue years ago, and it was an unforgettable bash. Back then, I had called into KPSU radio station and won tickets on Reggae Revelations from DJ Short Change. This roundI was covering the show for KPSU, it fell on a Saturday night, and it was a sold out show! I really couldn’t wait for this concert, I was so excited.

Collie Buddz is a Grammy-nominated reggae artist of Bermudan descent. For years, he’s made lasting cultural and artistic impressions around the globe. His Pacific Northwest fan base has been growing and cheering him on all along.

As I walked into the show, one of the opening bands, Kashd Out, was on stage and warming up the vibe. It was my first time seeing this energetic and talented Florida band. These guys were a bit wild and crazy, and the crowd was eating it up. 

The switch was fast and before we knew it, Collie Buddz was on! From the beginning of the first song, he was beaming. His presence and energy was 100%. That dazzling smile of his lit up the ballroom, and you could feel how much he truly loves what he does.

The band was incredible, the sound was solid.  Each member brought a lot of skill and flavor of their own to the mix. I was thrilled when I noticed that his back up singer was Klyve Moncrieffe, who sang with reggae artist Etana way back in the day, unbelievable! I’m a big fan of his also, so it was such a wonderful surprise! Their vocals were perfect together.

The audience was packed with die-hard fans, a mixed up jumble of generations and reggae lovers from all walks. And they came bearing gifts… Throughout the evening the stage was lovingly pelted with joints, which were rounded up into a bountiful pile set aside the glittering drum kit…. The contagious positivity ramped throughout the set, like the rising clouds of ganja smoke that filled the ballroom.

The dance floor was all-encompassing. Everyone sang out in unison to his most popular songs, like “Smokin Love”,  “Come Around”,  “Love and Reggae”, and “Let Me Know”.  During “I’m Blind to You”, Collie Buddz took notice of one fan in particular, that seemed to know every song, every word, every beat. He pulled that guy up on stage and handed him the mic. This dude absolutely killed it and the crowd went crazy! He was an instant fan-hero. People were still high-fiving and taking selfies with him all the way out the door after the show.

The entire night was a blast. I had really enjoyed getting to know Collie’s fresh material over the last few months, and I was grateful to feel the new music in person.  His new record Take it Easy is an absolute delight, and was nicely shuffled in with his more classic hits throughout the evening. This album showcases his range of styles, and still serves up reggae comfort and nostalgia that you can settle into. As fans departed at the end of the night, everyone was seeming quite satisfied and joyful. 

Big up to all who contributed to this amazing show. Many thanks!

Come back soon, Collie Buddz!💕



Collie Buddz: Smokin Love 3-9-24
Collie Buddz 3-9-24
Collie Buddz 3-9-24
Collie Buddz: fan/ Blind to You 3-9-24