PDX-Earth Episode 29 Discussion of how global warming turned the Burning Man festival into a quagmire and is changing the way major amusement parks do business, Portland Audubon’s search for a new name, an update on the global treaty on plastics, the early arrival of Vaux’s swifts to the Portland area, the eco-impact of thrift […]

Discussion of the Texas and Florida grade school curriculums that deny climate change and promote fossil fuels, the link between wildfire smoke and dementia, squirrel-safe bridges in Washington state, an interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting reporter Monica Samayoa, invasive species that are devouring local salmon, the eco-benefits of sealing your doors and windows, tips for […]

Discussion of Montana’s epic climate change legal ruling, an update on the Maui wildfires, new wolves in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Portland’s record-setting heat wave, an interview with Jane Bacchieri of the Elakha Alliance on the case for reintroducing sea otters in Oregon, the environmental impact of back-to-school lunches, ways to reduce your carbon footprint, […]

Discussion of the devastation caused by climate-driven wildfires raging in Hawaii, Europe’s hottest month ever, more cougar sightings on the Oregon coast, an interview with tree-climbing expert Leo Rosen-Fischer on the emotional and environmental benefits of scaling old growth trees, how Oregon cherry farmers are affected by climate change, the environmental impact of e-waste, ways […]

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