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  The Wild Jumps brought a wild punk rock vibe to the KPSU studios   Download the podcast here: The Wild Jumps with DJ Rachelle

5th episode of Weekend with Jraynium, a weekly live electronic mix.


This is a round table discussion being hosted by Jim Whinston. The following people are part of the round table is Nathan Jimenez, Jeff Anderson and Mary Bowers. The call in guest was Harvey Masters.

February 6, 2019

Ayla Ray performed live in the KPSU studios     Good time were had by all:     Download podcast here:  

Episode 04 of KPSU’s Weekend with Jraynium

We look at our favorite songs of 2018.

We look at our favorite indie albums of 2018.

1 Young Micah has been definitely making a name for him self here in Portland, born and raised in New Orleans and bringing his own style of music to the city! Today he joins me in the studio for the second time as we touched on how his album Collage is doing ever since it dropped, […]

I arrived to do the show around 5:11 pm Cherrybomb13


Have a great radio time!

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