Stiff Little Fingers

5/17/24 Revolution Hall…Portland, Oregon

Stiff Little Fingers

Through the turbulence and anger of 1970’s Belfast, the world was blessed with a punk band called Stiff Little Fingers. Their reunion tour recently stopped here in Portland, Oregon and I was lucky🍀 enough to cover it for KPSU.

On Friday night, May 17th, Stiff Little Fingers filled up Revolution Hall, and presented fans with an outstanding show! The set started off with a high energy performance of my favorite SLF song, Suspect Device. Tough-as-nails bass player Ali McMordie pumped up the crowd with his exciting character and amazing talents. Jake Burns peppered the night with delightful chats and stories. He shared personal struggles, bits of history, and inspiring themes of brotherhood. The crowd was glued to his words. His vocals remain amazing! The chemistry of the the entire band was tight. They played a great balance of core classics and newer material. Although the audience was “older”,  the pit was moving and security was kept on their toes with the stage diving attempts.

In 1978, their first album Inflammable Material was released. I’ve heard that the album was recorded in the booth of a local radio station in Belfast. It is widely considered to be one of the best punk albums in history.  I would agree. Although Stiff Little Fingers were originally inspired by the Troubles and the strength of the Irish people, their music cast the message far. They are one of the most influential and timeless punk bands in the world, fanning the flames of rebellion globally right up there with the likes of the Sex Pistols and the Clash.

Today they continue to reach a wide audience, because they play awesome punk rock music dealing with universal issues that fans can relate to. Their passion is genuine. I’ve been a fan of SLF since the 90’s and attended a show of theirs at the Metro in Chicago back then, as well. It was powerful to get to see them again so many years later. They’ve still got it, for sure.

I absolutely want to see them perform again, and would recommend you catch them if you can. 🍀 

Thanks for a great night, SLF!



Just Fade Away, performed at Revolution Hall