Review: The Gloomies- Let Me Know When It’s Over (2021)

The Gloomies new 2021 album Let Me Know When It’s Over is just the gritty surf rock journey I was looking for. Featuring tracks like I Want To Get Out and Slow Change, the mood of this album strikes a true balance between hopeful and melancholic that is difficult to achieve. From their 2015 single LSD(2015), The Gloomies have accentuated their grittier side, all the while retaining the psychedelic quality that makes even their sadder songs sound dreamy and surreal. 

I really enjoyed the combination of synth guitar and jazzy tempo. My top tracks of this album were Sad Days and I’ll Run With You Pt.2. I felt reminded of that slow indie pop energy I love so much in early 2000’s indie rock. I think more importantly, it brought me back in contact with my own teenage nostalgia and the bittersweet feeling of new relationships tinged with old memories. It is an interesting feeling of not quite escaping the past, yet yearning for something new. Of all their albums, the latest 2021 release sits at the top with my other favorite, Romance (2018). Let Me Know When It’s Over tones down the overly excited tempo of previous albums like LSD(2015) and compliments Romance‘s heavy electric synth with a warmer rock tone. This transition really compliments the sentimental lyrics.

  • Written by Samantha from Blazing Heart