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The One Where T0k4 Corrupted His Own Mix Every Monday at 5pm :)

Mix of prog rock, indie acoustic, early 2000s rap, punk rock, new wave, and assorted Halloween songs. Requests from Wes, James, and Ember.Have a fun Halloween everyone!

Hello everyone, Sir Helmet here.It’s an honor to introduce today an artist born and raised from our dear PDX hometown, Y La Bamba! Y La Bamba’s sound, a blend of folk, indie experimentation and Mexican rhythms, is a work 11 years in the making. At the forefront of the band is Luz Elena Mendoza, the […]

October 25th, 2019 LEGENDS This episode of The Brown Box featured some QTBIPOC music legends, musicians who have been unapologetically queer throughout the 20th century. My show usually focuses on artists from the 21st century and I wanted to dedicate an episode to those who came before us. Below is a link to the Spotify […]

Today, we hear some songs from the 90’s to early 2010’s (Skip to ten minutes in after the intro).

First show in The Murky Depths! Still figuring out what it is and where to go with it, but thanks for checking it out. Tune in Fridays at 12pm to hear bands who deserve to be heard more.


Have a great radio time!

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