Oklahoma City natives Kelli Drew Mayo (lead vocals and bass) and Peyton Mckenna Bighorse (guitar and back up vocals) came on the scene as Skating Polly with their debut Taking Over the World, recorded in their parent’s basement at the respective ages of nine and fourteen. Adding Kurtis Mayo (drums) to the band in 2017 and four studio albums later, the step-siblings took the Mano Oculta stage Saturday night touring in anticipation of  their newest release Chaos County Line, which comes out in June.

Adorned in a dark and mysterious black walls, Mano Oculta provides and intimate, industrial stage floor perfect for the band’s punky edge. The crowd wasted no time filling up the small venue in anticipation for the opening act, Lord Friday the 13th, hailing from Austin, Texas- who wasted no time getting right into their eccentric performance, a rhythmic thrash-glammor that lead vocalist Felix Lenz highjacks with chaotic splendor.

As bands transitioned, crowd members oo’ed and aw’ed as they saw Mayo and Bighorse walk back and forth through the crowd. Mano Oculta has no green room, providing audience members an up-close-and personal experience with their esteemed idols.

In the tradition of the PNW riot grrrl movement, Skating Polly did not hold back, and the Portland crowd certainly was able to match their energy. Fading back and forth between the deep roots of rock and house-show punk, new hits such as Hickey King and I’m Sorry for Always Apologizing went the hardest with a surging velocity, held back only an 11pm curfew.

Skating Polly’s fifth studio album Chaos County Line comes out June 23, 2023. In the meantime, you can stream their latest single, I’m Sorry For Always Apologizing on all major platforms. You can also follow them on Instagram or hit up their website for tour dates and other info on the band members.