MusicFest NW provided what we know and love about big concerts: large stages filled with cool moving visuals, jam pack crowds singing along with their favorite songs, amazing people watching, overpriced must have merch, crazy stage antics, and fun stories to share afterwards. There are still the annoying things we roll our eyes at and […]

Power to the Bangeris episode 7 of season 2 of the Shower Hour produced by DJ Niko Hey everyone I don’t have a title yet but here is the link to our new episode for a Hour of Shower:       I said ‘Binary Power’ instead of Honest Expression’s real artist, ‘Binary Star.’ […]

Bonkers is another mix on the program The Shower Hour, playing every Sunday at 10pm   Kill Me by Interstate Dae Halloween by The Misfits Cab Fare by Capital STEEZ Back in the Day – Erykah Badu Black Mountain Side – Led Zeppelin Ghost Rider in the Sky – Johnny Cash Still Shinin’ […]

Today’s hour Demolition was made within fifteen minutes of airing the program. This day of shower for one hour is dedicated to the friends I made last year at Portland State University. They will have forever changed my continuously growing music interest that propels me forward to this day. Step Up – Pete […]

Day by day rhymes to go This is Dj Niko Treecko frappuccino down with that mix today focused on hip hop of all eras, digging into tunes some of which I have never sat down and listened to. This teamup makes for a decent headbanger, though a low charged one. It is five guys […]

Though I am off for the summer from my radio show, I wanted to share with you, my friends, a book that I’ve been enjoying thoroughly. Stick around, I promise it’s music related. Now I’ve never met Dave Holmes in real life. In fact, I’ve never been in the same as him to my knowledge. […]

This is the first hour of the two hour Graduation special at featuring the Shower Hour, which airs every Sunday except during Summer break! This was more the prologue to the actual show. Both sections feature Stephan Carlson for input for songs and organization of the show.

Besides for soulless gentrification, there’s one thing all Portlanders can agree on. Food cart pods are wicked amazing. At any pod, you could conceivably bounce from donuts to Asian fusion to Lebanese sambousiks to cheeseburgers. Why should your tongue be the only muscle in your body to be rewarded? What about your musical muscle? While […]

It’s Mother’s Day on the Shower Hour and DJ Niko Treecko Frappuccino displays a mix in genre of The Clash, MF Doom, The Black Keys, They Might Be Giants, A Tribe Called Quest, The Pixies, and Elastica   Click the link below for the show:

Hello and Welcome! My name is DJ Niko Treecko Frapuccinno of The Shower Hour. I play music every Sunday @ 10pm. Today I played a 2 hour compilation of music spanning every decade and musical genre. Featured artists include The Chemical Brother, Foster the People, The Minutemen, Mos Def, and Herbie Hancock.   Sorry, no […]