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This is a round table discussion hosted by Mary Bowers   The round table discussion has the following people: Nathan Jimenz Jeff Anderson

  I was late started at 5:14 pm This is Cherrybomb13 We talk, play some vocalese jazz, Cuban music, some Filmore San Francisco music and more. John K who is my dads old friend  joins the show, he was a graduate student at PSU in the mid 90s had a show in the early days of KPSU! Etta James grew up in South Los Angeles […]

This is my 12th show!  Today we are “reviewing for finals.”  We looked back on some of the bands I’ve played on this show: some newly discovered, some old friends. Here are some upcoming events where you can check out local bands that have been featured on the House of Sarcasm:   Mine the Fold […]

June 6th, 2018 Episode 31

Last night Blue Flamez (Scott Kalama), of the Warm Springs Nation joined Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer)! Blue Flamez shared his stunningly powerful story of the evolution of his musical project, his inspirations, and his strong message of resilience and empowerment. This episode marks the three year anniversary of Learning to Grow […]

Blues Day!!!

(April 10th) Hello everyone! We return from a long and glorious break with a nice dose of sad music! Why sad music? Listen in, and I’ll tell you why. I answer a few more questions this week, before we transition over to the new form in our next episodes coming up! As always, listeners are […]

Second show was semi uneventful. You soon realize it hard to gauge a conversation when you are only talking to yourself. I will have to work on it a little but next couple of shows will be better. Hopefully


Have a great radio time!

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