This show blew me away honestly!

School project opened, and this young band promises great things as they continue to grow. I was surprised to hear this was their first show. The songs they played had undertones of the sweetness of youth, even if short their music provided a good mix of chills and intensity, this group is full of energy. I am so excited to see more of their artistry and journey.
I can say this about all the music and performance I witnessed this night!

Next up was weehawk, I heard sultry psychedelic vocals, enjoying the encapsulating build-ups mixed with the derived beats, with poetical-leaning lyrics these gritty melodies are to be taken notice of. Their passion and dedication are not easily matched.

godboat brought some of the most epic energy I have ever seen from a duo, I truly felt I could envision god on a boat. Their intense electronics with exhilarating lyrics and drums played live really caught me up. I really liked whatever style they are accomplishing, and I will keep my eye out for them. I really liked the interdisciplinary vibes, mixing hardcore and electric evoked energy from everyone in the room.

Common Girl!! My homies, these 4 pieces have been impressing me since I met them, I think of garage rock meets emo soul, these punks have a variety of influences and vocalists. Their music evokes intense emotions in various directions, they take you on a little journey with many twists and turns. They have continued to grow into an impressive and unfazeable band who are not easily ignored. These shoegazers dynamic music will encapsulate and connect you to their different voices and instrumental contributions. I can’t wait to hear the heat that will continue to be brought.

Fire. One of the most accurate descriptions of our headliner KILL MICHAEL. They were so phenomenal I could barely take notes. This show was emotional and powerful. These community activists and leaders brought the freaking FLAMES. Not literally at this venue but I was still blown away. This groundbreaking concert evoked performance art in an essence. It was interdisciplinary, featuring spoken word poetry from a special guest Saia, who also featured on their newly released album. This show was in honor of UGLY TRUTH OF BUILDING, this album truly is a work of art. I am so happy to know the wonderful people in this band, they are planning a tour so I will definitely be keeping my attention on them.