Suki Waterhouse and her band played the fourth show on their 2023 “Coolest Place In The World Tour” last Saturday night at the Roseland Theater.

From the moment you walked into the venue, you could tell it was going to be a good night. Couples were holding on to each other and swaying during the opening set, a lovely performance by Suki’s supporting artist Jane, who played an intimate set on their guitar. In a fun musical experiment, Jane pulled Gabe, the band’s head of merch management, up on stage to play violin with him. Gabe is a classically trained violinist and blew away the crowd with his talent. Jane shared a cute story of them discovering their musical compatibility during some down time on the tour, and as a result we all got to experience this acoustic duo’s musical ability for the first time live.

After the opener, me and a friend joked about being horribly single, as we were surrounded by cute couples enjoying the night and reveling in the loving atmosphere that Jane had created with their slow, sweet music. Later on in the night, Suki played the song “Valentine” off of her new E.P Milk Teeth and also commented on how many sweet (and beautiful) couples there were in that crowd and cracked jokes about looking for a valentine as she introduced the song. But, whether you were with a partner or not, it was nearly impossible to feel alone in the crowd. The Roseland Theater was the perfect venue for Suki’s music. Its cozy size gave you the feeling that this concert was the only place you needed to be. Fans yelled out “We love you!” all night long, hollering praise at any opportunity. People held up hearts with their hands and made sure the artists knew they were appreciated.

Both Jane and Suki commented on the immense amount of love they were receiving from the audience; Suki even said through a beaming smile that this was a night she would never forget. 

Suki’s dreamy voice and dance moves made for an incredible and mesmerizing performance. Her stage presence is truly unmatched. She got the crowd dancing with her performance of “Neon Signs” and kept it going with “Moves.” You could tell she was having so much fun dancing with the band and the crowd all night long. Her charisma and unwavering musical talent left no lulls in the energy of the

theater. After her set had finished, the crowd chanted her name and yelled out for an encore, and she came back out to play a tender rendition of “Brutally” on the keyboard. It was a really sweet moment watching her play one of her most heart wrenching songs with the lights turned down and the crowd singing and swaying along.

The band of course ended the night with an upbeat outro of their hit song “Good Looking” that left us all smiling while waiting for our rides back home.

This is music that is made to be heard live. I hope everyone who is a fan gets a chance to go to a show on this tour and experience the wonderful experience that she is able to create. Check out “Neon Signs” below, and find Suki Waterhouse on all streaming platforms!