The Jungle Giants with Tim Atlas at Star Theater

Dancing down the west coast, promoting their new album “Love Signs”, The Jungle Giants dropped into Portland to blow our minds. Along with Tim Atlas, they filled the night with electric melodies and beats you couldn’t help but jump along to and throw your hands in the air. Overall it was one of the most energetic and memorable concerts I’ve seen recently.

The night started with Tim Atlas taking the stage with his three-piece band. With bass and drums locked into the beat, he played his groovy melodies with their whirlpools of color slipping the entire venue into a daydream. With his backbeat melodies like Unwind and compromise Atlas’s music can’t help but make you relax and unwind as you get lost in the groove. Needless to say, my expectations for the night were already blown away, and was a perfect way to start the night. 


After a couple of drinks, relaxing melodies, and a bit of dancing, the stage was set (pun intended) to get blown away, and boy did we. Starting with the slow anticipation of “On Your Way Down” it grew into a full dance party. Sam Hales, the lead singer of the Jungle Giants, is no stranger to the stage. His electric personality and stage presence had everyone with their hands in the air and singing along from the minute he ran on stage, to the very end when he jumped off the stage and danced right along with everyone. Backed by guitarist Cesira Aiken with her sunny licks, Andrew Dooris on bass holds down the groove along with the backbone of the band Keegan Bijker on drums. As a bassist myself I may be biased, but Andrew rocked, jumped, and grooved without tire through the entire night giving Sam the foundation to bring it to the next level. 

The Jungle Giants are promoting their newest album “Love Signs” which Same wrote and produced during the COVID quarantine years. This allowed him to push the limits with a full switch to the dance scene and showcase his explosive and catchy falsetto voice. You can’t help but sing along even when your voice is gone within just a few songs. It seems they’ve found their home base in the electric dance genre and continue to show their talent in everything they release.

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