Page: 3 Talk a little smack about things. Fumble around trying to play a clean version of a song I wanted to play, end up finding a German produced remix and go with it, then play all requests from some friends. I hope to do more shows like this but wrenching requests out of people is […]

One hour only: Did some talking about office life, bike life, workouts, losing my Ray Ban glasses doing SUP, the 2 PARTY SYSTEM of USA, Violence in music videos, short term memory of modern world, benefits of early morning wake ups, conspiracies around gangsta rap+sports+alcohol, and non violence/violence against women and more streams of thought. Violence especially […]



On this weeks episode of IHAQ, I have my good friend Roberto on the show. We discuss interesting topics like international music, Puerto Rico, Identity, Star Wars and other nerd stuff. Part 2: Here

July 6th, 2018 Episode 36  

Setting a scene sometimes means establishing a time of day—4:30 in the morning, 7:00 AM, and 9:00 in the evening all set distinct scenes. Each establishes different imagery and emotions just by stating the time on the clock. If you pay attention, songwriters do this all the time. Listen to a few examples from different […]

This chocolate Well hello, we will be conducting a bit of a pattern interrupt here today. In addition to the fact that; this very post, is the digitally archived recollection of TODAY’S SHOW!?! The very streamcast that was present on the digital airwaves not 3 hours ago as I type this. No I am not all caught […] Just played some Jams. Some good beats, some of the early social hip hop songs ever from early 1980s from Brother D, Sweet T, and Toddy T, and some gang peace tracks by Ice Cube and Kam featuring more, and more magic squeezed in there from Kool Keith, Gravediggaz, E-40 and more. PEACE When […]


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