Today’s review is Toy Story 2 with the song When She Loved Me, a beautiful heartbreaking song tied to the themes and message of the Toy Story Franchise about growing up, the importance of childhood, the purpose of bringing joy as a toy and friends and family, while also dealings with topics such as the fear of abandonment/ being forgotten. Toy Story 2 is another sequel that manages to prove itself, like many good sequels, in how a good continuation of the first movie should be while creating more challenges that allow the characters to grow and the writing to be both funny but still rooted in emotion. It’s a good reason why this film is one of Pixar’s best sequels.

Cinema Playlist

When She Loved Me
Sarah McLachlan
From ” Toy Story 2″ Disney Classics
Special Order
Michael Giacchino
Neville’s Waltz
Patrick Doyle
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Beyond the Solar System
Dan Romer
I’m Forrest… Forrest Gump
Alan Silvestri
Forrest Gump
Elisa’s Theme
Alexandre Desplat
The Shape of Water
Hans Zimmer
James Horner
The Batman
Michael Giacchino
The Batman
I’ll Be Back/ Police Station & Escape
Brad Fiedel
The Terminator
Hospital Pursuit
Bear McCreary
Happy Death Day
El bosque magico
Joseba Beristain, Orfeon Donostiarra
Unicorn Wars
Venturing Forth
Angela Morley
Watership Down
Suicide Note
David Newman
Stranger In Town
Amie Doherty
Blue Eye Samurai
Finding Charlotte
Trevor Rabin
National Treasure
Last Shot
Alexandre Desplat
Swinging Set
Michael Giacchino
Spider-Man Far From Home
Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom
Brian Tyler
The Super Mario Bros
Heitor Pereira
Puss In Boots The Last Wish