Today’s Review was Disney’s 90’s Renaissance film The Lion King (the 2019 Remake can Kiss it for all I care; just because it is action, it still doesn’t make it better than the original). The Animated Lion King is one of those films that stick with you for the rest of your lives and that is what this movie was to me as a kid, I loved it then and I still appreciate it now as it still one of Disney’s best animated film that they ever made. Flaws and all, the animation is beautiful, the songs are memorable, and the story is still pretty good despite being an inspiration for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Again, what could I say that hasn’t been said already? It’s an outstanding animated film for a good reason.

Cinema Playlist

Remember Who You Are
Hans Zimmer
The Lion King
Map and Willie
Dave Grusin
The Goonies
Far From Home/ E.T. Alone-Soundtrack Reissue (2002)
John Williams
Knives Out!, Pt.II ( The Will)
Nathan Johnson
Knives Out
Star Trek
Michael Giacchino
Star Trek
Haunted Mansion Opening Title
Mark Mancina
The Haunted Mansion
Stars and Tights
Hans Zimmer, Loren Balfe
Wild Ride
John Powell
Old Man Logan
Marco Beltrami
Bloody Gresit
Trevor Morris
Bloody Tears S2
CJ Music
The Girl Who Fell From The Sky
Joe Hisaishi
Castle in the Sky
Living in a Bubble
Ludwig Goransson
Everything, Everything
Heart of Ice
Todd Hayen, Shirley Walker
From the Episode ” Heart of Ice,” BTAS
Ahsoka Leaves
Kevin Kiner
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Hell’s Greatest Dad
Jeremy Jordan, Sam Haft, Amir Talai, Erika Henningsen, Andrew Underberg, Kimiko Glenn
Hazbin Hotel
Jerskin Fendrix
Poor Things
First Kisses
Ludwig Goransson
Everything, Everything