Today’s final review of this last episode is centered once again on Batman from 1989, created By Tim Burton with many talents not only bringing the film to life but also the root of what people recognized as Batman through the drama and psychological storytelling now associated with the cape crusader. This film pulled the character from the lighthearted version of Adam West to the Dark Knight with a darker edge, but still keeping in mind its comic book roots that the character originated. ( Despite diving into it from the comics)This led to the animated series and different adaptations, taking inspiration even today. And for a film responsible for how we think about the Cape Crusader, it not only was a good change of pace, but it led to stories that focus more on the psychological and mental health of a superhero between their past and their motivation to help people in need. This is seen through Batman, who is brought to life by Michael Keaton, who does the character justice through his persona as the Dark Knight, as well as the charming and emotional moments of Bruce Wayne. Alongside everyone else, from the insane yet terrifying performance of Jack Nicolas to the heartwarming romantic moments with Kim Basinger. What is there to say that this is a film that still holds up to this day despite some effects not working? Everything from its themes, action, story, characters, and darker elements continues to be associated with and even experienced with the character of Batman to this day. And I wouldn’t mind recommending this film any day.

Cinema Playlist

The Final Confrontation
Danny Elfman
Batman 89
The Black Pearl
Klaus Badelt
Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl
Les jours tristes- Instrumental
Yann, Tiersen, The Divine Comedy
Le Fabuleux Destin y Amelie Poulain
Petition Montage
David Newman
Quien eres?
Joseba Beristain
Unicorn Wars
Finding Love, Losing Love
Gene Page
Main Title
Marco Beltrami
Canis Lupus
Alexandre Desplat
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Big Bad Wolf
Daniel Pemberton
The Bad Guys
Challengers: Match Point
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
I’m With you ( you seem Nice)
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
Bones and All
Pan’s Labyrinth Lullaby
Javier Navarrete
Pan’s Labyrinth
Jerry Goldsmith
From ” Mulan” Score
La Javanaise
Madeleine Peyroux
The Shape of Water
I Wish I Could Take It Back
Dan Romer
The Real Ming
Ludwig Goransson
Turning Red
So Long
Randy Newman
Toy Story 3
Funeral and Far Between
Michael Giacchino
The Batman
Leaving Caladan
Hans Zimmer
Thank you all for tuning into Soundtrack Cinema, despite it being for a short year from when I first started on 2023 January 6. I am unsure if I could start again through a different media format or if I will be on a longer hiatus. Still, I hope to start this again by sharing soundtracks and talking more about movies through a critical lens and what each film would mean to someone through its themes or emotions. Until then, This is Soundtrack Cinema. Have a great summer and a great year.