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It’s my favorite time of year, NBA Playoffs! Covering scores, NBA news, sippin’ the tea celebrity gossip and rumors, and DJ FJ’s mixing all the slaps in today’s hip-hop, R&B and throwbacks!

There’s a lot to get through this week because there are a lot of exciting shows coming up. Below is a quick guide to your picks of the week followed by the full playlist and you can download the show here. Friday: The Faint at Star Theater Now No at Wonder Ballroom Libido Cornucopia at […]


May 14, 2019

In today’s show we are giving you all the info on the final days of the European football seasons and other updates on the world of football.

Today I had a guest in the studio and we talked about the environment, Nazis, and recent financial changes at PSU. Recording did not work so I do not have a link.

After a week off, your weekly guide to the best bands playing in Portland is back! The playlist below is even in the order the songs were actually played this time! Featuring special guest DJ Daddy Chill. Artist Song Beach House Aliens Cults Go Outside Masego and FKJ Tadow Omar Apollo Ashamed Mac DeMarco Chamber […]

Here’s the episode from the 26th featuring more John Vanderslice, more Kevin Morby, some Old Time Relijun, and, at the behest of a certain fifty year old man I may be related to, The Hospitals. Artist Song Flock of Dimes The Sisters Wye Oak For Prayer John Vanderslice Oral History of Silk Road 1 Old […]

Only four weeks late, here’s the second episode of Real Soon in Rose City (special 420 edition), featuring White Denim, Courtney Barnett, more Dilly Dally and, of course, Afroman. Enjoy! Artist Song Battles The Yabba Wtfukushima Cod’ine Kevin Morby Dorothy Ural Thomas & The Pain The Right Time White Denim Corsicana Lemonade Beach House Alien […]

Episode 1:  4th of April 2019 Ok so I’ve been super late adding all of these…. but here’s the first episode from back in April with the playlist and recording. The show can be downloaded here; the playlist is below (and in no particular order I’m afraid; and yes, I did play Won’t Happen twice […]

Let us continue on this cruise among warm waters! This week, it is off to the caribbean waves, to the land of Jamaica. The land that has given us reggae, dancehall, ska, kind/beautiful/amazing people, jackfruit, beaches and whole way to experience life. To the awesomeness in its landscape that inspires us everyday, this one is […]

Political Correctness and why its important, Tuition Hikes and where/when to protest, and why you should never read the comments… ever.


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