Review: ‘For the Summer’ by SANDS

Many of us at KSPU remember SANDS from Sight & Sound event last November (wow, an in-person show?) Nina Bielawski’s roots go much deeper at PSU as the band’s leader and Viking alumni. Their set got us all on the dance floor with their blend of garage punk energy and easy to listen to surf rock guitar. This hybridization elevates any concert or party because no one can help but get up and dance. Their music takes the best of both genres that creates an energy that appeals to anyone with a taste for punk, rock, alternative, and even somewhat indie style. With their single “For The Summer” out now, SANDS fans can finally listen to the legendary sound and have concert-level dance parties at home. While their music is fun and easygoing, band member Brandon foreshadows new music around the corner that addresses some of the heavier topics we face today individually, and as a society. SANDS pour their passion into the music they write, and social justice is top of mind right now and always. When fans purchase their merch, the proceeds are donated to BLM-focused charities and bail funds of the buyer’s choice (available through their Instagram). It looks like we will be getting some powerful anthems to enter the new year with proudly!

Leading the charge with their seafoam-green guitars, SANDS truly encompass the epitome of beachy vibes. One of the most iconic symbols for the band is their inflatable lobster Pinchy who is seen crowd surfing and dancing with fans at every show. When asked how the band chose to make Pinchy a part of their family, Nina gave us a wonderfully blissful story from a say she went swimming at their favorite beach, “I was swimming by myself. To my surprise, I looked down and saw there was a lobster right below me! It seemed like it was swimming in unison with me, and I felt an immediate connection. This lobster understood me.” Unfortunately, the lobster was merely a shell from a leftover picnic, but the experience lived on in Nina’s heart as the lobster’s memory would be carried out through their music. However, this story has a happy ending as the band went home that night and wrote their first song together. 

There is no question that Nina and Brandon love what they do through their passion for music, advocacy, and starting a pro-lobster movement. Through our interview with SANDS and getting to be at one of their shows, we have felt the love and energy that seeps from what they do. With a rock-infused punk sound that gets anyone dancing and the creation of incredible beachy vibes, SANDS is lovable and an instant hit.