Sunset Spotlight 2022 Album Review: Melt My Eyez See Your Future – Denzel Curry

Your Future by Denzel Curry Album Cover

Out of all the major Hip-Hop releases this year, there are few contenders that have shaped the sound of the genre more than Denzel Curry. Popping off into the Hip-Hop scene with his 2018 and 2019 albums TA13OO and ZUU, Curry is here to show off his illustrious production style and improved pen-game on a new album, Melt My Eyez See Your Future. Tracks like CLOUT COBAIN and RICKY demonstrated Curry’s willingness to dive into introspective and thoughtful writing on the aforementioned projects, but Melt My Eyez is on another level. Denzel leans into the realities of what his upbringing in Florida brought in his life as a child, all while draping it in smooth rhythms and drums brought from a usage of synths, pianos, bass, and booming snare beats on tracks like Troubles featuring T-Pain. Curry isn’t afraid to get experimental with more zany rhythms on tracks like The Smell of Death, with some inspiration taken from the likes of MF DOOM, including well placed TV audio snippets paired with soaring background vocals. Really what Curry achieves with Melt My Eyez is his improved versatility in his production style, easily melding soothing but break-beat jazz horns and drum combinations with catchy Hip-Hop beat sequences. All of this to say, Melt My Eyez is truly the culmination of all of Denzel Curry’s prior endeavors, and stands tall as an interesting and replayable collection of bangers, and I can only hope to see what Denzel keeps releasing in the future. Overall Score: 9/10.

Notable Tracks:

Melt Session #1: Very strong opening track, and really sets the tone and vibe of what Melt My Eyez has to offer. Awesome instrumentation, great bars and writing, probably my favorite Curry opening track to date. Favorite line(s): “Recognize hidden patterns of my own demise. Why I feel like hiding a truth is finding a lie?

Walkin: An ode to perseverance, Curry blends relaxed and mellow instrumentation with catchy drums and vocals that accentuate Denzel’s rap style and tempo. Combined with a catchy and addicting hook that pairs well with the amazing beat switch halfway through. This track is one to keep on repeat. Favorite line(s):”I started in a nightmare so pinch me, I’m dreamin’. I’m killin’ off my demons ‘cause my soul’s worth redeemin’.” 

Troubles Feat. T-Pain: Excellent sequencing from the track prior brings us Troubles, a great pick me up that acts a good counterbalance to the more soul and jazz inspired songs before it. With a fast paced beat combined highlighting Curry’s ear catching lines, this track feels the most relatable of them all and pairs very well with T-Pain’s vocals. Definitely my favorite track off of the project, and I hope this isn’t the last time we see a T-Pain/Denzel Curry combination. Favorite line(s):”I just lost my house to the drought, ayy (damn!), Now I’m stayin on my momma couch, ayy (damn!), Told me, get a job or to bounce, ayy (bounce), Never paid a bill, I cop an ounce, ayy.”