Caroline Rose, Ian Sweet at Wonder Ballroom

Caroline Rose performing the song Money at Wonder Ballroom

Going from Yellow to red, Caroline Rose entered the stage and started playing the song Stockholm Syndrome from the album The Art of Forgetting which features personal and darker songs. Caroline then continues to play some songs from the album with a sensational performance of Miami. Getting to Me was the final song before Caroline put down the guitar and started talking with the audience. They were surprised that the room was split into sections, one for drinking and the other not, joking that Portland was back in the Prohibition period. The show then resumes after a short talk with the audience. The lights turned to vibrant colors and the crowd was excited for the upcoming song lineup starting with More of the Same. Jeanie Becomes a Mom and other bangers were played at show ending with one of my favorites Bikini. While performing The Kiss, Caroline went down the stage and started walking in floor with the audience until the end where they were lifted by a security guard back to the stage. The show ended with the song Where do I Go From Here, perhaps a question to themselves and us as the tour is coming closer to its end. 

Caroline Rose performing Where Do I Go From Here? at Wonder Ballroom

Overall, the show was fantastic. I really enjoyed the song lineup, and the performance was spectacular. The stage design and the lights, in particular, beautifully complemented the show’s tone.