Knocked Loose, May 15th Portland OR

Fans were lined up around the corner as I arrived at the Roseland Theater, a 1,400 cap venue in downtown Portland Oregon. Earlier in the day, Knocked Loose held a pop up event nearby partnered with Fresh Cut Flowers in celebration of the new album, selling beautiful clothing, screen printings, and more.  As doors opened, both old and new fans poured into the venue and up the stairs to get a good view of the stage, awaiting the four band lineup that was about to start. 

Lead singer Bryan Harris, lead guitarist Issac Hale, bassist Kevin Otten, rhythm guitarist Nicko Calderon , and drummer Kevin Klaine.

This sold out show was packed from the beginning, and fans wasted no time having a blast in the crowd. During openers Speed, Show Me The Body, and Loathe, fans were seen crowd surfing, jumping, and giving all their energy in the pit. 

Finally, the lights went down and Knocked Loose made their way onto the stage, decorated with trees and a neon cross. They opened with high energy, performing “Blinding Faith” off of their new album “You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To,” which dropped less than a week prior. They wasted no time getting the crowd riled up, notating certain songs were made for moshing, crowd surfing, head banging and high kicks. They played a well rounded mix of songs, including a handful off of the new record, and others off of their debut and sophomore albums, “Laugh Tracks” and “A Different Shade of Blue.”

When performing one of their new singles “Suffocate,” which featured POPPY, lead singer Bryan Garris asked the crowd to fill in on her parts, and they did not disappoint. He called for fans to sing along to others as well, including “Billy No Mates” and their iconic “Counting Worms.” With the crowd wrapped around his finger, anything he asked for fans delivered. Knocked Loose were incredible performers, showcasing wonderful solos on their instruments and vocals that would blow your mind. From start to finish, their energy and performance on stage was top notch and eye-catching, leaving fans stunned by the end of the show. 

Knocked Loose ended their incredible performance with single “Everything is Quiet Now” calling for the largest mosh pit I have ever seen. Side to side, front to back, the whole crowd was moving around. I have been to many hardcore shows before, and yet this one blew me away. The energy I witnessed from both the crowd and band is something I will never forget.