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Some more “electronic” tracks, you could say, as well as some connected artists.

Dappled dark and light dance on this seven night’s Tiger Cub Radio Bub. Sweet and wrecked voices interchange to boil away the blue condition. Have a listen Do it for your ears LISTEN HERE!  

Hang out with the homies CJ Fly, Travis Scott, N7, La Clika, A$AP Mob, Miguel, Gucci Mane, Schoolboy Q, GZUZ, Joji, Joey Bada$$, Childish Gambino, 7 Days of Funk, and more.   Check the link below:                                    

Kay sits down her first queen in the studio! Alexis Whitney is a young new R&B artist. Locally from Portland she speaks on being a young women of color in the industry. Her fun personality brings life to the studio her sensitive souls can be heard not only in her music but in her stories. […]

Alpha Mix J.  Bands have the letter I at the beginning of one of their names.  Including JJ Cale, Jujuba, Porfi Jimenez. James Brown…. See below for a full listing of tracks. Click on the download link below to stream or right click and click ‘save as’ to download as a podcast. Follow me on […]

a mix of indie/alternative songs, some more sad than others. featuring kaylee aka KAK as my co-host.

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An all vinyl set of some rock you are guaranteed to be unfamiliar with! Listen in!   Playlist below… -DJ Friday

Sea Shanties and Political commentary finishing off with a Canadian twist – in case what’s his name gets re-elected and we all move to canada

The House of Sarcasm #9 – Local Bands from Portland, OR.  Today I played some new finds and some old faves – local rock, punk, country, Jamaican jazz and more! Please click the blue “Download” link at the bottom of this post to listen to today’s show, and scroll down to view the full playlist. […]


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