In this week, the sounds of Doowop dominated the KPSU airwaves. I had fun playing all these songs.

News items discussing the environmental impact of paint and aerosol cans,  local legislation to ban gas-powered stoves and the Spring Whale Watch along the Oregon coast; tips on how to reduce your personal carbon footprint; wolverine interview with Teri Lysak of Cascadia Wild; music by Juna Serita, Steven Seagulls, Zanda Zakusa, Ryle Lee, Flavia Coelho, […]

On this episode we delved into some classic souldies that have made a name for themselves in the California lowrider scene. In this oh so sentimental show we learned a bit about the history of some of the most famous Chicano compilation albums, such as The East Side Story records, but mostly we reminisced on […]

In honor of Black History Month, this episode focuses on the influential recording label: Motown Records & other Motown artists.

2 HOUR SPECIAL BABY! I had fun playing good 50s-60s music, discussing beatlemania, and more!

Hello darlings! This is Retrospect’s first episode aka debut! It was so much fun being in the booth playing yall my favorite doowop songs! I hope you enjoy Retrosepct’s first episode! Below you can find all the music and also the download link to listen to episode 1 incase you missed it!

4/4/2022 Playlist: adventure time Host: Aydia Johnson I’ve been thinking of buying a BMO pillow so I felt like I should probably look up some Adventure Time songs and play them on KPSU! As you can see I am a huge fan of this tv show, hmu if you wanna watch it with me!! Anyway, […]

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