PDX-Earth Episode 29 Discussion of how global warming turned the Burning Man festival into a quagmire and is changing the way major amusement parks do business, Portland Audubon’s search for a new name, an update on the global treaty on plastics, the early arrival of Vaux’s swifts to the Portland area, the eco-impact of thrift […]

Discussion of the environmental impact of e-bikes, global temperatures maxing out in the Middle East, Butte Falls’ innovative forest-purchase plan to protect the town from Oregon wildfires, an interview with R. Brent Lyles, executive director of the Mountain Lion Foundation on why mountain lions are are popping up in populated areas, the eco-impact of cigarette […]

News items looking at the environmental impact of pre-packaged meal kits, review massive floods in New England, why grizzly bears are roaming so far and wide, an interview with Dr. Erica Fleishman, Director of the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute regarding¬† of the alarming certainty of Oregon’s wildfire season, the eco-impact of automatic car washes, […]

Discussion of Canada’s wildfires that are wreacking havoc across much of the United States, the impending loss of Arctic sea ice, a sewage spill into Portland’s Willamette River, mountain lion sightings on Mount Hood, the environmental impact of plastic butane lighters, an interview with Bold Box creators and sustainable lifestyle experts Olivia Dahan and Kira […]

Discussion of the rising global sea temperatures, the environmental impact of artificial turf, heat waves in the Pacific Northwest, bear sightings across Oregon, harmful sun screens that damage coral reefs, tips for reducing your carbon footprint, and music from South Africa, Indian, Mali, Germany, Zimbabwe, Puerto Rico and Portland. Click here to download and play: […]

Discussion of the greater risks of harm from climate-induced disasters faced by people of color, President Biden’s new Office of Environmental Justice, the installation of EV charging stations at Oregon state parks, a $20,000 reward for information on the boater who harassed sea lions on the Columbia River, tips for reducing your carbon footprint, and […]

A look back at the origins of Earth Day, Major League Soccer uniforms made from recycled ocean plastic, the eco-impact of tea bags, an interview with Providence Health System’s Dr. Brian Chesebro and his efforts to ban environmentally harmful anesthetic gases, tips for reducing your carbon footprint, and music from Japan, Canada, Israel, Puerto Rico, […]

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