Wow… just wow. Here we are with the final show of Robot Reboot. 71 episodes and what an amazing journey its been. Its never felt like this day would actually come when I started Robot Reboot over 2 years ago. Its been so wonderful to share my love of music with all of you. I […]

70 whole episodes… wow. In our second to last episode of Robot Reboot we make sure to jam out to some delicious tracks newcomers and throwbacks alike. WilTron broadcasts alone from the studio this week as all the fellow bots are busy with the turmoil of the end of the term. Be sure to tune […]

Welcome back robo-friends! We got another great show lined up for you this week with some great throwbacks and some new hotness. Dustin and I also discuss the sad anniversary of Daft Punk’s breakup and the phenomenon of keygen music. Be sure to tune in! XOXO,WilTron (@RobotReboot)

One Time Only Friday Special!! Click the downloadable link to hear this Friday special as I subbed in for the show Grab Bag! Today we listened to some groovy EP’s by 1st Base Runners, Odd Soul, and Vulfpeck. This hour features spectacular music, brief album reviews, and discussion, and provides a good background as you […]

Here we are in the back half of the term and these robots are feeling the wear. We have another serving of sonic deliciousness served up for all you fine listeners. Lots of newcomers this week and a new single from Kavinsky! In robo-news, Dustin joins us as a real bot co-host and we discuss […]

We’ve reached the midpoint of our eighth season and show no signs of slowing down. Once again WilTron is joined by fellow DJ, Dustin. Is he a new co-host, who knows? This week we discuss how artists and actors are credited on their works and that Stanley Kubrick is a terrible person. We also drop […]

We’re in the thick of season 8 now friends. Once again fellow robot Dustin joins us in the studio to add a foil to WilTron. Together we reflect on playlist building and how college radio is basically a pyramid scheme. Also there is some great music. Favorites from this week include summer on the inside […]

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