Today’s review is centered around The Harder They Fall, a 2021 black western film featuring historical figures of outlaws, cowboys, and lawmen in a fictional story that centers around an outlaw regrouping with his gang to seek out revenge against the man who wronged him. Despite its fictional take on these historical figures, it’s still an overall good revenge film with hits of themes of mental health, as well as the cycle of revenge. The creative use of cinematography and great casting helped this film to stand out strong. It’s an overall fun film that allows more creativity with how black stories can be told without the overuse of stereotypical stories that are often used to portray black stories.

Cinema Playlist

Wednesday’s Child
Alice Smith
The Harder They Fall
More Than Anything -Reprise
Andrew Underberg, Same Haft, Erika Henningsen, Stephanie Beatriz
Hazbin Hotel
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Ilene Woods, Mice Chorus
Howard Shore, Munchner Symphoniker
The Silence of the Lamb
Gravity Swallows Light
Ludwig Goransson
Old Man Logan
Marco Beltrami
Making Amends
Henry Jackman
Captain American Civil War
Writing the Chronicles
James Horner
Spiderwick Chronicles
My Land … My Land
Robbie Robertson
Killers of the Flower Moon
Swan Lake ( Swamp Edit)
Brian Tyler
Stumbled Beginnings
Clint Mansell
Black Swan
Final Chapter
Mark Korven
The Black Phone
Tubular Bells – The Exorcist
Soundtrack Orchestra
The Exorcist
The Incantation
Danny Elfman
From ” Beetlejuice” Soundtrack
Nemo Egg ( Main Title)
Thomas Newman
Finding Nemo
Parting Ways
Cody Chesnutt
Porco e Bella
Joe Hisaishi
Porco Rosso
Take Me Gravity
Dan Romer