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On this weeks episode I have my good friend Mark on to talk about what is Freedom?, Mr Rodgers, Masculinity, Karl Marx and much more! Part 2 of the show here: Click Here


Nina Biel

June 9, 2018

According to the General Adaption Syndrome theory of stress, I’m totally burnt out. But, I hope you’re all managing, and there’s always music to dance to and make things better. Bass Drum of Death just came out with their newest song in four years, “Just Business”, so I played that along with some Australian garage […]

No guest this episode because its dead week! So I just have some tunes (Lofi and other things) and questions for you the listeners. Hope you enjoy.

This is my 12th show!  Today we are “reviewing for finals.”  We looked back on some of the bands I’ve played on this show: some newly discovered, some old friends. Here are some upcoming events where you can check out local bands that have been featured on the House of Sarcasm:   Mine the Fold […]

Second show was semi uneventful. You soon realize it hard to gauge a conversation when you are only talking to yourself. I will have to work on it a little but next couple of shows will be better. Hopefully

A little late to the party but to post but better late than never. Originally aired may 31th I had the usual guest, host of I got a question, a one mister Saud. We had a good long chat about girls, tinder and all sorts of other junk. Give it a taste with your ear […]


June 2, 2018

Folk songs + political commentary finishing with Canadian folk

Well Hello there thanks for dropping on by this lovely post. this week on cheaper than therapy we didn’t really have a long group session. but we had a nice folk music appreciation. Steve martin is a very talented man and not many people know that his skills encompass banjoing. we had a little talk […]

Songs of love, lust, dreams and schemes – lush harmonies which sprout from holy lungs, plucking and bowing the strings of our hearts. You know, spring fever and all that hormonal crap. Anyways, join me for two full hours of hazy melodies — these sometimes-moody, sometimes-atmospheric vibrations — songs which fill your heart like a […]


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