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Reggae Revelation 4/8/18 – 9-10PM – Hour #2

Reggae Revelation 3/18/18 – 8-9PM – Hour #1

Reggae Revelation 3/18/18 – 9-10PM – Hour #2


June 2, 2018

Folk songs + political commentary finishing with Canadian folk

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A play through of the band Ghost’s newest album Prequelle, which was released on the First of June.

Enjoy some Classic Rock Couple pops and clicks, but that’s all part of the character of the medium. (+ some of these are from the KPSU cabinet, not my collection)   Playlist below… Best to you for the end of your term, or what ever you might be doing! -DJ Friday  

May 30th, 2018 Episode 30 On this episode I talked about shaving in the swimming pool and more, YUCK! Also played a great mix of new and throwback joints.   Download or listen below. Enjoy!    


Have a great radio time!

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