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June 2, 2018

Folk songs + political commentary finishing with Canadian folk

Well Hello there thanks for dropping on by this lovely post. this week on cheaper than therapy we didn’t really have a long group session. but we had a nice folk music appreciation. Steve martin is a very talented man and not many people know that his skills encompass banjoing. we had a little talk […]

Songs of love, lust, dreams and schemes – lush harmonies which sprout from holy lungs, plucking and bowing the strings of our hearts. You know, spring fever and all that hormonal crap. Anyways, join me for two full hours of hazy melodies — these sometimes-moody, sometimes-atmospheric vibrations — songs which fill your heart like a […]

The pacific northwest’s annual Sasquatch! Music Festival has officially come to a close, and as always it has lived up to the expectation and hype as years past. Sasquatch is pitched each year in Washington’s Gorge Amphitheater. Tyler, the Creator commented on the location of the venue during his set, asking “Sasquatch… What town are […]

Kay speaks with DMarx about his new music video, Living Large, as well as old school songs. She hits topics like his incarceration and queen. Don’t sleep on this young local Portland artist who is hustling his way to the top. You also get the EXCLUSIVE first listen to NO MORE ft. Ill Chris!!!   […]


Nina Biel

May 26, 2018

Hey little cherries! Talked about spontaneously seeing groovy bands playing in the park blocks, played WE fest (SD) headliners Bad Kids and The Rinds. Had a little “Franky Flower Time”, followed by a riot grrl set and some fave Australian garage bands. Then finished up with some calming orchestral Spirited Away.

The House of Sarcasm #11 – For the About-to-Be-Grads – Local Rock from Portland, OR   I still have another year before I graduate, but I’ve been thinking about everyone who will be graduating in a few short weeks.  Lots of mixed feelings there.  Today’s playlist is dedicated to the grads, with songs for all […]

Jiggery Pockery – tunes from Morris Dancing , old British Traditional fun Politic: what has the President been lying about this week? Canadian folk music – in case the guy gets elected for a second term, we may all want to ‘go north’

  janet says: if April was poetry month what is May?   cody: lately I finally feel like I’ve found good things and I don’t want to leave them behind. Things go so fast and I want to take the time to appreciate the space in between. There are so many good things. I shouldn’t […]


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