With Halloween approaching, I thought it would be fun to take a historical look at one of October’s favorite players: the witch. I sat down with Dr. Jennifer D. Selwyn, to talk about some of the details, causes, and motivations behind the Witch-Hunts of Early Modern Europe. Listen as Dr. Selwyn de-mystifies something that has […]

Week Four of Spooky Saturdays with Alexandria. Thanks for listening, keep it creepy.

  Week Three of Spooky Saturdays with Alexandria ft. special guest Russell. Thanks for listening, keep it creepy.

Welcome to the first Spooky Saturday featuring wicked spooky sounds DJ’d by Alexandria. Show starts on the link at 8 minutes : 30 seconds in. Keep it creepy.

Halloween. You know it. You love it. Or your wrong. (obligatory “just kidding” goes here) But all joking aside – Halloween is the best. And Rock is the best. So when Rock turns spooky, what’s not to love? This is just Part One of Fighting Rose’s spin on Halloween – SO… more to come next […]

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