Well, since there’s nothing happening any time soon in Rose City I put together a playlist featuring some new releases, local artists, and quarantine faves. I hope you enjoy its meandering journey through the realms of post-rock, indie, punk, post-punk, blues-rock, dreamcore, and whatever else some of these songs are. Also featured is an interview […]

This week I bring you news of two fantastic shows I attended last week – Cry Babe’s 7′ release show and Starover Blue’s gig at Holocene. I play some sounds from Patricia Wolf who will be at KPSU’s sonic arts event, Winter Sounds: A Sonic Experience, as well as all the best tracks by all […]

Plate of Shrimp’s tribute to the magical David Bowie.  I jam some classics, covers, and b-side goodies.

This week I gave my wonderful friend Mélanie the duty of making this week’s playlist– her theme was “First Songs,” each song is the first track from their respective albums– enjoy!