Espectáculo de música latina! Comprensión española recomendada pero no necesaria. ¡Disfrutar! Respeto a las culturas complejas y la historia de América Latina. Latin Music show! Spanish understanding recommended but not necessary. Enjoy! Respect to the complex cultures and history of Latin America. First 15 mins is RAYZARAY no fact check off the top of the […]

Hola! You like my Spanish? Today’s show was created by my sister who is a Spanish Minor– so you guessed, all the songs are in Spanish! The story was about how farming has changed over the years. Thanks for listening! Enjoy!

  Episode 11 lacks a theme, but makes up for it in quality and quantity. 18 gorgeous antiques and curiosities in less than 50 minutes, all soaked to the bone with vinyl crackle, nocturnal ambiance, and pop sensibility. It’s what our show is all about! (Note: The show proper begins at around two minutes into the file, so don’t […]

This podcast is recorded in Spanish, but you can drop by and listen! It’s a podcast dedicated to every Spanish speaker and Spanish-speaking community, as well as my family in the U.S. and Mexico. Sometimes bilingual or Spanish-speaking artists are underrepresented on the radio, but this podcast changes that for one hour. Thanks for dropping […]

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