Featuring meh, Brendan, and Mckenzie. Off the limoncelloooooo. Story night, a hybrid night slightly more sativa than Indica. We talked car crashes, snowboarding, and first time smoking weed. I honestly can’t remember what else we talked about because I was sloppy drunk.

We discuss season two episode three of Seinfeld: “The Jacket”. The episode sparked topics such as whether we like ice in drinks, daddy issues, and self-expression through clothing. We also touch upon how Jerry Seinfeld is a good friend and how we can relate to George’s social anxiety.

  This week’s show is cold outside and warm inside, just like all of us this time of year. Beloved British folk, snowy pop reflections, and chilly modernity comprise our thematic triptych. Very few deep cuts or crackly 45s this week; just some pretty tunes to close your eyes to.

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