Amyl and the Sniffers are an Australia based rock/punk rock band. I’ll be reviewing their debut self-titled album. The album starts off really fun with the first track titled “Starfire 500”. This song has a killer guitar riff and bass line with no vocals until about half way through the song, which serves as a […]

This week, Dropdown Venue had a two-hour special, spanning 4 PM to 6 PM instead of 5 PM to 6 PM! Check out the extended playlist below, featuring the new My Chemical Romance song, Metallica (as was strongly requested by someone I know), and a few songs from local bands!

Music to listen to in the desert with you cowboy boots and jorts on

A little late uploading this list, sorry everyone! It’s been a busy week. Here’s the playlist for Dropdown Venue on 5/7/22, featuring some new music from Three Days Grace and Saint Asonia!

Dropdown Venue continues to rock out every Saturday at 5 PM!

This week as we continue exploring ska, we visit third wave. A large hit in the punk rock scene in the mid 90’s third wave ska was instrumental in bringing the punk genre to the masses.

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